The HomeBased Business Kit: From Hobby to Profit (Quick Start Your Business)

The HomeBased Business Kit: From Hobby to Profit (Quick Start Your Business)

[Mobile pdf] The HomeBased Business Kit: From Hobby to Profit (Quick Start Your Business)

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Author : D Boulay
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Description : Launch a money-making venture from the comfort of your own home.Starting a home-based business has special challenges. From preparing the right business plan to your first successful sale, The Home-Based Business Kit gives you the tools you need to succeed and make a profit. Experienced home-based business owners show you how to:- Write Your Business Plan- Analyze Market Data- Prepare a Budget – Manage Your Time- Handle Family Distractions- Set Up Your Home Workspace- Negotiate with Vendors- Hire Employees – Find Customers- Raise Start-Up MoneyAdditional features include:- Case Studies- Checklists- Sample Business, Marketing and Financial PlansNow is the time to turn your skills, hobby or big idea into real money.

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